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Iowa Online Continuing Education and Pre-License Courses

Iowa Online 60-Hour Salesperson Pre-license Course


The online 60-hour Iowa Salesperson Pre-license course covers two sections that include the National Real Estate Information/Questions, and State Specific “Iowa” Real Estate Information/Questions.  After purchasing the online course ($ 395), you will be sent an information packet that will include: Instructions regarding what you need to have to get your Iowa Real Estate License, a PSI testing booklet – assisting you in signing up for the State exam, a list of additional study materials (including a text book) to help ensure you passing the exam (optional), and a Student Verification Form to send back once the course has been completed, to verify correct spelling of your name and address for your certificate of completion.


You must complete this online course (including any retakes of the final examination) within a six (6) month time frame.  The date will be recorded on which the course is purchased and your six (6) month timeframe will begin on that date.  Those students who let the six months expire are required to repurchase the course and begin again. Upon passing all the Unit Exams and achieving a score of 75% on the Final Exam, please send back the Student Verification Form to  the Quad City Area REALTOR® Association  and your certificate of completion will be issued.  Please allow at least five business days to receive your certificate.  Once you receive your completion certificate, DO NOT LOSE IT, for it is needed to present to the testing center at the time you take your State exam verifying you have completed the required course.


Once you have completed the 60-hour online course and have received your completion certificate, you must schedule your salesperson exam with the PSI testing service. You will need a credit card and the cost is $100.  The PSI booklet you receive in your information packet will walk you through how to sign-up for the exam and provide additional information regarding the test.  If you do not pass your State exam the first time, you may retake the exam as many times as you wish until you pass. (Note: Each time you retake the State exam it will cost you $100).

The number to call to schedule your Iowa exam is 800-733-9267. The exam is given by appointment only from the following locations in Iowa: Cedar Rapids, Council Bluffs, and West Des Moines. You will also need to know the school number when scheduling your exam, it is “101.” When you arrive at the testing institute you must present your certificate of completion and two forms of identification (see the PSI Booklet for accepted forms of ID), so be careful not to schedule your exam before you have completed the online course and have your certificate.

Start the Iowa Online Course.

About The Online Course – Iowa

Each lesson is an interactive tutorial containing modules of information asking you questions about what you have read. The interactive learning process monitors your progress and provides feedback as needed to help you learn the material easily. The lessons are designed so you can work at your own pace. It is easy to use and does not require extensive prior experience with computers. The Online 60-hr Iowa Real Estate Salesperson Pre-license Course is made up of National Material and Iowa Real Estate Law Material.

The course covers the following unit lessons:

National Real Estate Principles:


Unit 1:
Introduction To Real Estate Business

Unit 2:
Real Property and the Law

Unit 3:
Concepts of Home Ownership

Unit 4:

Unit 5:
Real Estate Brokerage

Unit 6:
Listing Agreements & Buyer Representation


Unit 7:
Interest in Real Estate

Unit 8:
Forms of Ownership

Unit 9:
Legal Descriptions

Unit 10:
Real Estate Taxes and Other Liens

Unit 11:
Real Estate Contracts

Unit 12:
Transfer of Title


Unit 13:
Title Records

Unit 14:
Real Estate Financing: Principles

Unit 15:
Real Estate Financing: Practices

Unit 16:

Unit 17:
Property Management

Unit 18:
Real Estate Appraisal


Unit 19:
Land use Controls & Property Development

Unit 20:
Fair Housing & Ethical Practices

Unit 21:
Environmental Issues & the Real Estate Transaction

Unit 22:
Closing the Real Estate Transaction

Iowa Real Estate Principles:


Unit 23:
Licensing Overview

Unit 24:
Operating a Real Estate Business in Iowa

Unit 25:
Agency Overview

Unit 26:
Contracts and Closing Overview


Unit 27:
License Law Enforcement Overview

Unit 28:
Iowa Specialty Topics

Unit 29:
Iowa Title Issues

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